Olejeme optimistic of Jonathan’s victory

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Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Wednesday reflected on the years in office of President Goodluck Jonathan and said that Nigeria under him witnessed unprecedented levels of development.
Olejeme who is also the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) told reporters in Asaba that Nigerians want continuity, stability and the basic dividends of democracy.
“Nigerians have prospered under his leadership. They see his re-election as a signal of good things to come for this great country. He will come out victorious in the presidential election” she said.
Identifying agriculture, education, healthcare delivery, construction of new and rehabilitation of existing roads across the federation, appointment of public officers and the formulation of a sound economic policy as areas where the president performed, Olejeme said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate enhanced the well-being of Nigerians.
“There is much for which we should all be grateful. For the years of the Jonathan administration, majority of Nigerians are counting their blessings” she said.
Stilling recalling the modest achievements recorded so far by the current administration, the PDP chieftain said Jonathan’s presence in Aso Rock earned Nigeria enormous international goodwill and support.
She enjoined Nigerians, particularly Deltans, to support the candidature of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan for a rapid development of the country.
“President Jonathan will ensure the security of persons, property and investments. He will protect the unity and territorial integrity of Nigeria. He will strengthen rule of law, ensure impartial treatment of citizens, food security, judicious distribution of resources and transparency in government. He will create jobs, care for the weak. He will respect constitutional provisions, adhere to the doctrine of separation of powers, lead a government that is consultative, responsive, prudent, transparent, accountable, dedicated to service, law abiding and above all democratic” she said.
“Our job is to deliver the party 100 percent” she added.

Jonathan will transform Nigeria beyond imagination, says Olejeme

The deputy chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Sunday described the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as an epitome of sincerity.
She also said that the only way the future of Nigerian youths could be guaranteed was for them to support President Jonathan and the ruling party.
Olejeme who spoke at a gathering of Yoruba and Hausa youths and students from across the country in Abuja, expressed satisfaction with Dr. Jonathan’s administration and said Nigerians want him to continue his good works.
“President Jonathan’s strategic development moves in office show that if given another term, he would transform the country beyond imagination”.
Emphasizing that President Jonathan is going to the February 14 Presidential Election with enough confidence that his achievements will pave way for his return to Aso Rock for a second term of four years, Olejeme said Nigerians would show appreciation for the way he administered the country in the last four years by voting massively for him.
She praised the president for his leadership style.
“President Jonathan has been tested. He has rich antecedents. He has political pedigree. He has shown admirable doggedness and commitment against all odds. He has introduced new vista in the history of governance in Nigeria” she said.
On the expectations of Nigerians at home and abroad, Olejeme said President Jonathan would ensure rapid economic growth and development.
“He will continue to create jobs, alleviate poverty, fight corruption and uphold the virtues of human rights. He will ensure self-reliance in food production. He will continue to expand our export potential to diversify our sources of foreign exchange. He will improve manpower development and our health care delivery system. He will guarantee equal opportunities and rekindle in the citizenry a faith in their fatherland. He will continue to promote national unity. He will continue to pursue appropriate policies.
“He will give housing boost; devote attention to the welfare of senior citizens, expand female horizon by complying with the Beijing Manifesto. He will give consideration to the national spread of development projects” she said.
She also urged all members of the PDP to join hands with the president and ensure his victory at the general polls slated for February 14, 2015.

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February 1, 2015

Jonathan will carry the day, says Olejeme

The deputy chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has urged Nigerians to vote for Peoples Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, saying a vote for PDP in the February 14, 2015 presidential election is a vote for economic growth, development and unity.
Olejeme made this call Tuesday when she received prominent political leaders from Delta State in Abuja.
“Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a good listener and knows his task of governing the country. He is the only presidential candidate that can lead Nigeria to greater heights. He will make Nigeria a better place and a global economic power “she said.
Olejeme, who is also chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), assured Nigerians that President Goodluck Jonathan will stick to the policy of transparency and accountability.
Hear her “President Goodluck Jonathan will accelerate economic transformation in his second term through investment in critical infrastructure projects so as to drive economic growth. He will pay special attention to education and health. He will focus on building strong economy. He will take communication, transport, electric power provision, security and potable water supply to the highest level. He will create jobs. He will ensure that resources are equitably distributed and an enabling and conducive business environment provided. He will continue to work on good governance, which is an essential part of economic growth and development. He will continue to champion economic diplomacy, promote the growth of local businesses’.
She urged Nigerians, particularly public servants, civil society, youth, women’s groups and traditional leaders to support the PDP presidential candidate.
“Dr. Goodluck Jonathan deserves our support in order to complete what he has started” she added.

Jonathan is our choice for President – Olejeme

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will make Nigeria prosperous, says Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme.
Speaking with newsmen in Abuja Friday, Olejeme commended Mr. President for expanding the country’s infrastructure, developing agriculture, generating employment and advancing the cause of education.
“If you desire something better, you have to vote for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. He will continue to work for the development of the country, make our economy buoyant, create more jobs, reduce unemployment and social tension, sanitize the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry and attract massive inflow of foreign investments through appropriate policies and a conducive environment”
Olejeme who affirmed her support for Jonathan quest to continue as president of the country, said the PDP presidential candidate will continue to encourage gender empowerment in his appointments.
“Mr. President is the servant of the people. He will never forget that. He will continue to act in the national interest. He will continue to ensure the security of persons, property and investments in our territory. He will continue to empower the security agencies to stem the scourge of terrorism in our country. He will continue to make the difference in the politics and development of the country” she said.
Drawing inspiration from the good governance model of Dr. Jonathan, Olejeme said Mr. President’s second term will go beyond providing critical infrastructure.
“President Goodluck Jonathan will ensure social justice and good governance in the country. He will promote economic development; help the masses develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, make the development process more accountable, transparent and participatory as well as provide conducive atmosphere for local and foreign investors” Olejeme said.
She appealed to all Nigerians, irrespective of sex, religion, ethnic origin, political affiliation or social status to join hands in the work ahead to make Nigeria peaceful and prosperous by voting for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the fourth coming presidential election.
In a related development, Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Friday recalled the efforts of the present administration at keeping youths off the streets and getting them positively engaged, saying the agency employed over seven thousand Nigerians in the last few months.
“The NSITF embarked on massive recruitment of workers and many of the newly recruited workers were sent for capacity building courses locally and internationally” she said.
In a statement in Abuja, Olejeme said NSITF also paid millions to workers who sustained work place injuries.
“At the moment, cases of industrial accidents are being treated as they are reported in full compliance with the provisions of the Act and to the satisfaction of the stakeholders” the statement said.
“Since the new Employees Compensation Act (ECA) became operational, the NSITF, which has almost gone into extinction with the introduction of the contributory pension scheme, has come to life. And with its new mandate to provide this very important social security scheme to Nigerians, the fund has taken a new look in terms of structure, functions and workforce; while its financial base has tremendously improved” she said.
Stressing the issue of social security for the elderly, unemployed and physically challenged, Olejeme said the process of putting in place the necessary infrastructure to implement Social Security benefit has commenced.
“The NSITF has put in place the necessary infrastructure to ensure the collection of data of all the categories of those entitled to Social Security Benefit” the statement added.

Olejeme drums support for Jonathan
Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Monday described President Goodluck Jonathan as an epitome of development, saying the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate will continue to be accountable, accessible and approachable.
Olejeme who is also Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee, Presidential Campaign Organization advised the electorate to lay emphasis on the achievements of the current administration.
Speaking in Abuja, Olejeme said President Jonathan through his citizen oriented programmes and policies not only rekindled the people’s confidence in civil rule but their hopes and aspiration for a better and prosperous future.
She praised Mr. President for putting the people at the centre of the formulation of all government policies, providing facilities, encouraging women to participate in socio-economic and political activities in the country, promoting foreign investments, providing ample incentives and giving exemplary leadership to Nigerians.
The PDP chieftain also extolled him for confronting the country’s problems, diversifying the Nigerian economy, reducing retail prices of petroleum products to reflect the downscaling in global oil prices, establishing 12 conventional and two specialized universities and cleaning up the electoral process.
“The volumes of government programmes and projects are creating wealth and job opportunities, reviving collapsed business enterprises, stimulating agriculture and local food production” the former gubernatorial aspirant said.
She urged Nigerians to give Jonathan the mandate to continue.
“Nigerians will have decent education, adequate medical care and affordable housing. Agriculture will continue to witness turn around. Youth employment and women empowerment will be given attention. Rapid results will be achieved in the economic sector. President Jonathan will ensure lasting peace through security and good governance” Olejeme said.
“Jonathan will continue to deepen the mechanics of governance and service delivery. He will continue to give us the hope, optimism and the change we need. He will provide for the wellbeing of our people and look after the vulnerable “
“It’s time for Nigerians to come together around one choice, one candidate, who we know will work for us,” said Olejeme. “And that candidate is Dr. Goodluck Jonathan” she added

Olejeme loses father
The father of the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme is dead
Pa Phillip Osakwe Diuno is aged 84; he died at St Luke’s Hospital, Asaba on Monday.
In a statement issued in Asaba by the Director of Communication of Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Foundation, Mr. Henry Ebireri, Dr. Olejeme described her late father as a great personality.
“Words cannot convey what he meant to me. He was a great man, a loving father and lover of his people ‘, she maintained.
Olejeme who is also the deputy chairman, finance committee, Presidential Campaign Organization said her late father served his community to the best of his ability.
“He lived a life of sacrifice. He built a bridge of hope and unity among his people. He will be remembered for elevating the profile of his community” she said.
“The burial arrangements will be announced later by the family” the statement said.


Nigerians will have a bountiful harvest in Jonathan’s second term, says Olejeme

President Goodluck Jonathan has demonstrated what a determined and committed leadership can do to bring about political, social and economic progress and development, says Dr. Ngozi Olejeme.
Olejeme, Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), told news men in Abuja after the inauguration of the Presidential Campaign Organization that President Jonathan within the short period in power healed the wounds of alienation and marginalization and also restored hope to many who had been in despair.
Olejeme who is also the deputy chairman, finance committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization praised President Jonathan for giving attention to various issues threatening the unity of the nation, diversifying the nation’s export, creating a viable educational system, turning around the health sector and leading Nigerians out of economic misery and political paralysis.
“He further opened Nigeria to the global business community, revived the automotive industry, constructed many federal roads in the country, revived the comatose railway system of transportation, standardized airports across the country, established nine federal universities, introduced the Almajiri system of education in the Northern parts of the country, arrested the outbreak of the deadly and highly contagious Ebola Virus Disease in record time, transformed the agricultural sector and gave women more prominent roles in the country” she said.
She also commended Jonathan for guaranteeing majority of Nigerians legitimate means of livelihood, raising the quality of life, promoting scientific and technological knowledge and building sound political institutions.
“Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a creative, industrious and pro-people president. He is intelligent, courageous and principled. As governor of Bayelsa State, he worked hard to implement his party’s cardinal goals. As vice president, he contributed greatly to the country’s economic, social, political and advancement.
“President Jonathan is committed towards enhancing security generally and ensuring constant electricity delivery to all. Nigerians will have a bountiful harvest in Jonathan’s second term” she added.
Delta leaders honour Olejeme, back Jonathan
Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has been given a pat on her back for putting in place cost saving measures and stringent financial management in different organizations in the country.
Giving the commendation in Asaba Friday, the leaders under the aegis of the Delta Political and Business Leaders Forum (DPBLF), said; “We have gone through the records in the past days, we have never seen a more prudent character than Olejeme”.
“Dr. Ngozi Olejeme is a prudent manager of human and material resources. She is a great mobilizer and an astute consensus builder” the leaders said.
Speaking at a party arranged in honour of Olejeme, the leaders said the records have been very straight and we are assuring Nigerians, PDP leaders and members that she will continue to work for the interest of the party and the country.
The leaders who also congratulated Dr. Olejeme for her appointment as Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee for Presidential Campaign Organization, 2015 (PCO), pleaded with Nigerians at home and abroad to rally round President Goodluck Jonathan as they did for Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.
“We want continuation of honest, transparent and accountable leadership in Nigeria. We want a president we can trust. We want a president with energy, vision for the rapid development of the country and dynamism to tackle emergent global challenges” the leaders said.
A spokesperson for the group, Chief Magnus Okonkwo in a statement in Asaba listed unity of the nation, diversification of the economy, job creation, gender equality, road maintenance, modernization and expansion of railways, grading and revamping good network of airports, airstrips across the country, installing up to date navigational aids , encouragement of private airlines, development of effective and true mass transit system, giving maximum support to farmers and massive inflow of foreign investments as achievements of President Jonathan.
“President Jonathan made giant breakthroughs in a number of areas particularly in the educational sector, an achievement that is unequaled in the history of the country. His other breakthroughs include; total support to agriculture, health, industries, works, housing and commerce” Okonkwo said.
“President Jonathan will ensure an improved economy and security” he added.
Scores of political and business bigwigs from far and wide were present at the occasion.

2015 is year of continuity, development, says Olejeme
A prominent politician and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Wednesday lauded the leadership qualities of President Goodluck Jonathan and his commitment to the unity of Nigeria; affirming that his second term will bring further progress and development in Nigeria.
‘Happiness of citizens is the foremost objective of the current administration. The country is taking giant steps forward in every sphere of life” she said.
Recalling President Goodluck Jonathan’s achievements, particularly revamping our institutions, putting in place economic reform agenda that reduced the role of the state in the economy while strengthening the place and role of private investors and moving Nigeria toward uninterrupted power supply as well as leading by building consensus on all issues, Olejeme said 2015 would be a year of continuity, further development, hope and great expectations”
In her New Year message to Nigerians at home and abroad, Olejeme said the country would be stronger, more united, more prosperous and more powerful in 2015.
The former gubernatorial aspirant commended Nigerians for their commitment to democracy and their desire for positive change in the country while urging the people to participate actively in all stages of the political process so as to reap the benefits that accrue there from.
She also appealed to Nigerians to give the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) maximum cooperation.
“There is no other party in Nigeria whose membership cuts across all the geo-political zones except the PDP. The PDP is the only party that is geared toward the entrenchment of democratic ideals, good governance, fairness and the promotion of the people’s welfare “she said.

On Delta State, Olejeme pledges to contribute towards a restructured and re-engineered platform of the new face of Delta to a level where everything is not only changing for the better, but strengthened to be self-propelling”
She thanked Deltans at home and abroad for their support.
She also urged Nigerians to remain peaceful and united.
“Whatever the situation or provocation, there is no room in a liberal democracy for use of violence aimed at intimidation and delivering extra judicial justice”
Ending the message, she said “I thank God for His bountiful blessings and wish all Nigerians a happy and prosperous New Year”

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