Niger Delta leaders praise Sylva, suggest him to Buhari

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Niger Delta leaders on Sunday described former Bayelsa State governor, Chief Timipre Sylva as a leader with credibility, character, calm, and strives to better the reputation of the country, saying his loyalty to President Muhammadu Buhari is unshakeable.
Rising from a meeting in Port-Harcourt, the leaders praised Sylva for sacrificing his comfort to work tirelessly for Buhari’s victory.
Recalling his sterling performance as the governor of Bayelsa State, the leaders said the ex-governor performed excellently in most sectors, particularly by devoting his energies and state resources to solving the problems of infrastructure development, training of the youths in Information and Communication Technology in India, sustaining overseas scholarship, protecting oil installations in the creeks, ensuring life changing developmental projects, attracting foreign investments, laying solid foundation for growth and investing in skill development and creating job centres in the state.
“Mr. Sylva has a humble disposition, simplicity and humane disposition towards the people; virtues that endeared him to the masses, saying his commitment to principle in the practice of politics, the rule of law and the best democratic tradition of fairness were some of the attributes that brought him into collusion with his enemies. He can do a good job”.
The Director of Communications of the People’s Movement, Mrs. Ibifuro Tatua in a statement after the meeting said Sylva created a very favourable and conducive environment for common growth in Bayelsa State.
“He pioneered the state’s industrial growth and dictated the pace of development in sports, human and physical development in the south- south geo-political zone. He worked so hard to make life meaningful to the good people of Bayelsa State. He gained respect around the country and among his peers” the statement said.
The leaders also praised President Buhari for steps so far taken, listing good communication skills, open-mindedness, ability to satisfy civilians, proper handling of money, willingness to take intelligent risks, familiarity with the law, excellent sense of leadership and being fair with all as qualities that must be met by those who will serve alongside him in government.
They urged Mr. President to appoint only honest, dedicated, committed, and God fearing individuals into sensitive positions.
Stressing that Sylva has a good understanding of the issues faced by governments; the leaders said he would throw his impressive experience into helping Mr. President accelerate his reform and efficiency programmes.
“He will drive the government’s efficiency and reform programmes. He will bring a more strategic and commercial focus to government. He will inject best practice into government. He will work for Nigeria and not to increase his wealth. He will translate the actual wants of the people into the vision and mission of the government”.
“Sylva is a consummate politician, proven administrator and a bridge builder. He is a man of honour, integrity and dignity” the statement added.

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