Office of the Speaker disowns John Olose

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The Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Henry Ebireri has again disowned Mr. John Olose

“I have stated the true position as to the status of Mr. John Olose concerning the office of the speaker. Perhaps, Sahara Reporters will be kind enough to give us the designation of Olose in the office of the speaker”.

A statement in Asaba on Monday by Henry Ebireri, advised the public to disregard the news story in Sahara Reporters.

“Is Sahara Reporters telling us that the criminal action of a 54 year old man should be imputed on the Right Honourable Speaker because he is representing Sapele State Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly? That will be standing the law on its apex. Is Sahara Reporters saying that the speaker is liable for the criminal action perpetuated 200 miles away from Delta State House of Assembly in the comfort of Olose’s abode without the incline of the person of the speaker? Is that what Sahara Reporters has reduced the ethics of journalism to?


Ebireri praised Igbuya for providing political leadership and strategic direction to the House as well as exercising impartiality at all times in pursuance of his duties


‘Sahara Reporters has deliberately and repeatedly misinformed the public concerning issues affecting the Delta State House of Assembly and the person of the speaker.

Restating the position of the Office of the Speaker, Ebireri said “Mr. John Olose is a committed member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). He is not a political aide to the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. The political aides of the Rt. Hon Speaker are highly responsible people. The Office of the Speaker is staffed by professionals”

Continuing, the statement said “Mr. John Olose is a proud member of APC. Let’s not listen to propaganda. Let’s think of development and move Delta State forward. The Delta State House of Assembly presided by Right Honourable Monday Igbuya will continue to look after the interests of the people, make laws that will improve their lives, discuss and debate government policy and other political issues, consult with the people, help people in their constituencies, approve the budgets of government departments, as presented to the House by the Governor, make sure that the work that government promised to do is being done and check that public money is being spent wisely”.




Olose not an aide to Delta Speaker, says Chief Press Secretary

  • He is a proud member of APC

The Office of the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, on Friday disowned Mr. John Olose.

“The attention of the Office of the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly has been drawn to a false publication that is making the rounds on social media that Mr. John Olose, arrested for allegedly raping 7-year-old girl, is a political aide to the Right Honourable Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. Mr. Olose, a former ward 7 councillor in Sapele Local Government Area is a committed member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Mr. John Olose or Onose is not a political aide to the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly” a statement from the Office of the Speaker said.

Signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Mr. Henry Ebireri, the statement praised Hon Igbuya for appointing honest, dedicated and God fearing individuals as political aides.

“The political aides of the Rt. Hon Speaker are highly responsible people” the statement said.

The statement while describing the news story as misleading accused those behind the story of executing a carefully designed plan to discredit the speaker.

Ebireri appealed to local and foreign journalists to avoid personal bias, distorted facts through wrong and improper emphasis and report relevant facts and significant points of views.

“We thank the good and peace loving people of Delta State who have refused to be hoodwinked by the tissues of lies being woven and dished out by desperate politicians and their sponsors” the statement added.









Delta Speaker blames militancy on inadequate benefit of resources from the region

  • Praises Ibru, Keshi
  • Urges Buhari to dialogue with Niger Delta leaders


The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya on Sunday spoke on the challenges, gains and distractions in his first one year in office, describing his colleagues as wonderful people.

Igbuya described the first one year as tough.

“Before June 8, 2016, hopes were high. Some of us thought we were going to live in the past. Past Speakers had enormous influence and resources to assist the people. One year gone, the reverse is the case. We met serious recession. Subvention was reduced. In three months, things started getting worse. We started preaching the gospel of belt tightening. My colleagues have seen reasons to adjust. The situation is very bad, very difficult and tough. My colleagues are wonderful people”.

Speaking with local and foreign journalists in Sapele, Igbuya said the House passed a good number of bills.

“We passed a good number of bills. Administratively, we achieved a major feat. We were able to find solution to poor power supply” he said.

Demonstrating maturity and total understanding of what politics should be all about, Igbuya stressed on synergy between the three arms of government.

“Can you achieve result without fund? No legislature can work without fund. We don’t generate revenue. The executive does that. There must be synergy between the three arms of government. People should be talking about synergy, not independence” he said.

Empathizing with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Igbuya said the House would continue to make laws for the good governance of the state.

“I feel for Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. I wonder how he intends to achieve some of his dreams. We are looking inward and bringing some laws that can make Delta State generate enough revenue. Okowa means well for the people. He wants to set a standard. Deltans should continue to pray for this administration”

He commended the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state for positioning the party ahead of 2019 general election.

“There is no faction in Delta State PDP. The reconciliation committee is doing very well”

Igbuya rejected the proposed bill to establish and control grazing routes and reserves before the National Assembly.

“The resolutions of the South-South and South-East lawmakers are quite clear. We asked our representatives in the National Assembly to oppose it”



Attributing the defective and harsh socio-economic environment, lack of employment opportunities, environmental degradation, lack of infrastructure, general under-development and inadequate benefit of the resources from the region to militancy in the Niger Delta, Igbuya advised President Muhammadu Buhari to dialogue with the people.


“Mr. President should dialogue with the people. What are the problems? He should listen to the people. Power belongs to the people”

In the interest of peace, harmony and unity of Nigeria, Igbuya urged Buhari to review the ownership structure of oil wells in the country.

“How many South- South people are owners of oil wells in the country? He should allow 65 per cent ownership by the people of the Niger Delta region.


He also spoke on changes in Sapele.

“Sapele is developing. The dualization of Sapele Road from Amukpe roundabout is ongoing.. Beautification exercise is ongoing. We are going to focus on other roads in Sapele. We are trying to expose Sapele to the international community. We are going to make Sapele a major centre for foreign investors and tourists” he said.
Igbuya also described the death of Olorogun Felix Ovudoroye Ibru as a terrible blow to the political class and Nigerians in general.


“Olorogun Felix Ovudoroye Ibru was a man whose name spoke volume. He was imbued with gratitude, generosity, virtue, vision, ideas, spirituality, integrity and humility. He was, without doubt an architect first, before any other thing. It was however on the political turf that he etched his name on marble. Indeed, Senator Ibru left indelible prints on the Nigerian political space. He contributed greatly to the growth of the Nigerian State.

Together with Chief Simeon Ebonka, they formed a strong partnership and set the template for the development of Delta State. He also contributed a lot to the uplifting of the Urhobo nation.


He continued “Ibru death surely deprives the nation of one of its best minds. I however take solace in the fact that the first democratically elected governor of Delta State lived an inspired and fulfilled life by the manner he deployed his professional expertise towards the development of Nigeria. He will definitely be missed by friends, family, associates, colleagues and all those whose lives he positively touched in one way or the other. He will forever be remembered as one who came, and did his bit in a very great and impressive way. He will also be remembered by Nigerians, particularly Deltans as the man who reached the pinnacle of power but refused to be intoxicated by it. I sincerely join the entire family of Senator Ibru, his people at Agbarha-Otor and all patriots of Nigeria in celebrating the life of a great Nigerian citizen. I also bid our great leader and mentor a respectful farewell and a sweet repose.

He described Stephen Keshi as a patriotic Nigerian and a great Deltan.


“His death is a monumental national loss. It is very sad. It is very painful. He was a great footballer and coach. He brought pride to Delta State. He did the nation and the youth proud by standing out in the crowd not only as a skillful player but a coach imbued with maturity. We will definitely miss him”




Elsie Halima Ijorogu-Reed is a political jobber

The Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Henry Ebireri said Saturday that Elsie Halima Ijorogu-Reed is trying to justify the fact of being sponsored by people who have ulterior political motives by making unfounded allegations.

In a statement in Asaba, Ebireri described Ijorogu- Reed as a blackmailer, political jobber and mentally deranged fellow.

“The attention of the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker has been drawn to an online publication carried in Drum Beat News titled “Aide begs victim not to file sexual harassment against boss”. When did the media aide beg the victim? Why did it take more than two years to press charges in a country with a highly effective legal system? Why keep her video evidence to herself and continue to make it a subject of media blackmail instead of going to seek redress in court of law if indeed she was harassed?”..

Ebireri advised Ijorogu-Reed to desist from blackmailing for money, contract and political appointment.

“I wish to debunk the allegation as contained in the publication. The allegation is spurious without any iota of truth. It is aimed at ridiculing and tarnishing the image of the speaker and the office”.