Mediagate Management & Consulting Limited

Mediagate Management & Consulting Limited

Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Communications Professionals

The company was established in 2013 to carry on business as media, public relations and advertising practitioners/operators.

To carry on the business of management consultancy

To carry on business as public relations managers

To engage in the work of advertising contractors

To carry on business as publicity and press agents

To carry on the business of education services, training and development

To carry on the business of event management, Merit Awards and competition

To carry on business as producers, script writers, broadcasters, journalists, sound recordists and radio personnel of all descriptions.

Its principal objectives are to:

Analyse trends, predict their consequences, counsel organisation leaders and implement programmes of action that will serve both the organisation and the public interest.

Communicate messages, brands, events and conferences to the defined target groups

Communicate the proposition of the organisation

Communicate with people in a reasonably sophisticated way and to reach them in the context in which they might find the product and service useful.

Attract attention and raise expecting for the new brand

Build public support for new projects and initiatives

Give organisation more standout, build recognition and awareness among its key target audience through CDs, posters, flyers, press ads and merchandise.

Help individuals and corporate organisations gain positive exposure, achieve financial targets and behave with a sense of responsibility

Support the growth of individuals and organisations

Ensure reliable coverage (paid-for advertising/control – television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Obtain editorial coverage/positive publicity (Print and Broadcast) for the activities, products, services, successes, resources and achievements of our clients

Develop relationship with the appropriate media – local, regional, national, specialist journals, radio, television and blogs

Organize PR, marketing and campaign for organisations, individuals and products

Maintain good public relationships

Give organisations face through visual symbols- logo

Make the organisation’s presence known to influential players within financial circles

Help a company to put across clear messages about who it is, what it does and how it does it

Target specific audiences

Provide unique promotional opportunities, increase sales through point of sale display and take one leaflet, demonstrate what our client has to offer and raise awareness of any commodity, service, person, idea or things.

Produce promotional articles, advertising and publicity materials of all types (magazine, newsletter, press inserts, online banners, direct mail, publication of every description, others)

Place in-depth articles and suitable photographs in the technical and non technical press

Position organisations, improve local communities, support valid causes, improve the environment and raise public profile, particularly in the large client sector

Leave an organisation in a stronger position

Change or reinforce the target audience’s attitudes and intentions

Write stories, make contacts and get international, national and local press, radio and television coverage

Raise organisation’s visibility/Generate a formidable image through visibility from carefully orchestrated and integrated activities such as news releases, news conferences, press receptions, publicity stunts, sales literature, packaging design, sales promotion, public speaking at conferences, lectures, seminars, dinners, chat shows, exhibitions, sponsorship, sales promotion, email campaign and continuous contact with participants .

Provide high quality coverage for clients in top tier print, broadcast and online media

Coordinate press materials and invitations to key press targets, organize one -to- one interviews with several clients, deliver different language versions of ads, develop press packs, draft releases, interface with top clients, identity media opportunities, give schedules for press interviews and brief them on the journalists’ needs in terms of topics and issues to be discussed.

Use press (press releases, feature and opinion articles) to tell and television (video news releases, syndicated radio tapes and digital packs) to sell.

Establish solid platform of credibility for our clients through visibility tools such as sponsorship, exhibitions, corporate identity, advertising, sales promotion, direct mail and brochure.

Run online and off line campaign, send e-mail and SMS messages to people, develop design concept

Handle the spotlight, press launches, crisis, publicity campaign, third party endorsements, media pitching, broadcast opportunities with key marketing publications and target media

Understand what the journalist or editor wants, the news angle, the relevance of the piece, the appropriate time to deliver it to a news organisation, the correct format or layout of the press release and so on.

Respond in the most effective manner to crisis

Bring traffic to client’s website, help customers find what they need quickly , address confusing signals about organisation

Address visual and non visual areas that affect the corporate image ( product quality, customer care and employee care)

Raise the corporate profile, increase sales and enquiries , support new products, strengthen financial relations and the brand, manage crises, harmonize employee relations, increase awareness, understanding and support

Spread messages online, service site, update content, answer emails and create engaging online interactions

In a little over five years of existence, the company has gone a long way in meeting many of these objectives.

Mediagate Management &Consulting Limited today is a credible organisation, much respected for cost effective communications tools and positioning brands as forward thinkers and market leaders.


Ken Ochonogor

Henry Ebireri