Do you want everyone to know about your agenda or service?

Do you want to build some buzz around your event, product and service?

· Are you about to release a new product or contest election?

· Do you want everyone to know about your agenda or service?

· Are you opening a new office, relocating your office, changing the company name?

· Are you hosting a seminar, sponsoring an event?

· Are you changing the prices of your products or services?

· Are you developing a new technology, rebranding your business, hosting a major contest?

· Are you filing a lawsuit, receiving endorsements from a major celebrity or public figure?

· Are you establishing a scholarship, hosting a tour of your facilities, responding to accusations against your company or industry?

· Are you setting a major goal, speaking at a conference or event, debunking common myths?

· Are you celebrating an important milestone, exhibiting at a trade show?

· Are you releasing findings of new study or research, starting a new sister company, receiving an award, celebrating an important anniversary?


· We write good press release, answer the most basic questions: Who, what, when, where, why, and how

· We get the attention of local and foreign journalists

· We make newsmen contact our clients for interviews

· We ensure our clients get more coverage in print and electronic media

We distribute press release

· We get the media coverage you want

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